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6-12 Person Camping Tent 2 Room



  • 【Dual Design】 Inner tent and removable rainfly; Used along with the Inner tent --ventilation and breathable, put on rainfly--windproof、rainproof; Room divider--a detachable room divider is provided to add privacy when needed or it can be removed for an open living area.
  • 【Expand Space】Support the curtain of the main entrance to form a simple awning,and expand the activity space on the basis of the tent; Has 1 large mesh door,3 mesh windows and a mesh tent top; High-density mesh structure design; Which allow the breeze to come in and keep the bugs out, keeps the air circulating inside the tent for a comfortable environment.
  • 【Waterproof and Durable】The inner and outer materials of the tent are 150D polyester, and the floor material is super thick with PE coated polyester; The high-quality materials extend the service life of the tent, the PU 1000mm coating is waterproof.
  • 【Reliable Support】Tent top--10mm glass fiber pole is sturdy and durable, around the tent--Iron tent poles; provides reliable support to keep the tent in shape, withstanding wind and rain outdoor; Equipped with 8 wind ropes and 14 stakes, more stable and safe.
  • 【Active in Various Scenes】Leisure, camping, beach, forest, rivers, gardens, courtyards, athletic meet, picnics, outdoor festivals, secured a large area; Perfect for family camping or adventures with friends.
  • 【Tents for Camping】The tent is spacious for 3-6 people (2 twin size camping air mattresses or 6 sleeping bags)/for 8-10 people (4 twin size camping air mattresses or 10 sleeping bags)/ for 10-12 people (4 queen size camping air mattresses or 12 sleeping bags), S/M/L With the unfolding size of 10.8*6.8*6.25ft/12.5*8.5*6.6ft/14.1*10*6.7ft, Storage size:27 * 9.8 * 9.8 in/26*11*11 in/27*11.6*11.6 in, Weight:21 lbs/31 lbs/37 lbs.

Guide for Using Tents:

  • Step 1:Layout the body of the tent on the ground without rocks or sticks. Place the tent door facing your desired direction
  • Step 2 : Assemble the three fiberglass poles and install them on the top of the tent
  • Step 3 : Install and fix two iron tent poles on the top of the front door and the top of the back of the tent
  • Step 4 : Put the tent poles to the body of the tent through the sleeves. Connect poles to the tent with the pins of the grommets
  • Step 5 : Use tent nails to fix the tent and put on the rainfly.Connect the ground with a guyline rope to stabilize the tent

Product Specifications:

  • Material : Oxford Polyester
  • Tent Pattern: A Large Mesh Door, Three Bedrooms, Three Mesh Windows, Two Side Doors and Big Front Vestibule
  • Unfolding size:10.8*6.8*6.25ft/12.5*8.5*6.6ft/14.1*10*6.7ft
  • Sleeping Capacity : 3-6 person/8-10 person/10-12 person
  • Packaged Weight : 21lbs/31lbs/37 lbs
  • Packed Size : 27 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches/26 x 11 x 11 inches/27 x 11.6 x 11.6 inches
  • Floor Dimensions: 10.8'x6.9'/12.5'x8.5'/14.1'x10'
  • Peak Height : 75"(H)/79"(H)/80"(H)
  • Recommended Uses For Product:Travelling, Camping & Hiking


What's included:

  • interior tent
  • outside tent
  • Tent handbag X1
  • Ground nail X 14
  • Windproof rope X8
  • Foyer strut X 1 pair
  • installation manual