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Food Waste Disposal Shredder with Air Switch Control



  • TECHNOLOGY- A special alloy hammer crushing technology, ordinary garbage can of food waste processor on the crushing disk alloy hammer, the hammer, cutting, tearing and grinding four movements crushed garbage, garbage can according to the strength, automatically adjust the working position.
  • WEAR-RESISTANT- Grinding wheel adds two reinforcing ribs and a reinforcing strip, improving wear resistance of the grinding disc, unique function crushed,after grinding, coarse and fine of two kinds of automatic garbage separation through the filter holes, into a slurry of fine waste flowing into a liquid inflow pipe.
  • LOW NOISE- Equilibrium point of the alloy, with a good balance of performance and stability, low motor noise, anti vibration ability.
  • PROTECTION SYSTEM- Set up a motor overload protection overload protection system, a foreign body stuck, protection system will start to stop the electrical power supply and not to burn out the motor, if the motor is in protection state, need to remove hard object stuck off garbage processor, and then press the reset button in front can be fast and convenient!
  • SAFETY-Food waste processor adopts air switch. Anti leakage, improve the safety performance.
  • EASY TO INSTALL-simple and convenient, through the installation of visual screen, a look will be, 5 minutes to get, without professionals.


  • Plug:UK/US/EU
  • Nominal voltage: UK 110V   EU/UK 220-240 V
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated power: 370W
  • Gross weight: 7kg
  • Color: Black
  • Product size:23.5*23.5*41.8cm
  • Capacity:1400ml
  • Speed:4000rpm
  • Can be connected Dish Washer : yes
  • Air Switch Control: yes